Helicopter Rides

There is nothing more amazing than hovering atop the gigantic Fort, which looks more like a tiny atoll with streets worming and intersecting with buildings appearing and vanishing behind the religious buildings that dominate the skyline. We go past the Sri Lankan army camp, and Muslim Saint’s Grave, which many say mystically saved the fort in the 2004 tsunami. We follow the butterfly bridge, with butterflies fluttering and cascading with the slightly overcast yet blue dawn of a new day where at certain times of the year tuk tuk polo is played. The helicopter follows the Fort outline out to sea and along the stunning Southern coastline passing the stilt fishermen, hanging like birds on sticks by the mighty Fortress Hotel. The views are breathtaking everywhere one looks and Taprobane Island known to the locals as Witch Island is amazingly the last landmass between here and Antarctica, and then its over to the Mirissa port

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25 Leyn Baan Street, Galle Fort
Artjom Tel: +94 710 377876
Helicopter rides for 15 minutes from $60.
One-hour whale watching tour from the air $150US dollars per person
To make a booking or inquiry email: galleoffice@simplyfly.com