Idle Bikes Tour

For the more outdoorsy traveller amongst you, look no further than Idle Tours, who will provide you with an experience of Sri Lanka that differs from the norm. From their base just near Wijaya Beach Bar, the guys at Idle Tours run regular bike rides of varying lengths and interest including the iconic Paddy trail route. This voyage takes you through lush green rice paddies, past wild buffalo slowly going about their business, through little villages where old men sit peacefully on their doorsteps and children just want to stop and have a chat. Along the way you can stop for a refreshing king coconut that will then fuel you for the rest of the trip as you leisurely cycle back. From your two-wheeler vehicle you will see the wildlife and people of Sri Lanka happily going about their lives and, for that afternoon, you can forget the hustle and bustle of the towns and cities and just completely embrace the stillness of the paddy fields.

Tel: 0777906156 / 0779855500
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Prices from 2000-3500 rupees per person ($15-30)