Magistrates Court

Nestled in between law buildings, up a narrow flight of white stairs, stepping across old wooden floorboards, you find yourself in a cool haven, surrounded by work from Sri Lanka’s finest artisans. Beautiful contemporary paintings hang on the walls, whilst a huge dog made out of wrenches and bolts sits to attention and a rusting horse strides out, frozen in time. A concertina book full of the faces of the island lies next to an old suitcase that wishes you good luck in vibrant red and yellow. The gallery is the perfect size, the art exhibited within it chosen expertly each month, representative of Sri Lanka’s best emerging contemporary artists. The pieces all seem to focus on aspects of Sri Lanka but with a modern, quirky twist. As you turn to go, the famous and poignant words of Thomas Merton seem to sum up perfectly the experience you will have at Number 1 Magistrates Square: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” This is the perfect place to buy a masterpiece for your new apartment to give it that truly wow feeling.