Whale Watching

There are few things worth getting out of bed before dawn for, but the prospect of seeing a pod of 25 migrating blue whales from a boat measuring up to nearly 100 feet long each is surely one of them. The migration period of December to April is when the concentration of whales in this area is like nothing else in the world. Mirissa and Trincomalee are two of the best places to get a boat from and you can do this in style or with big groups and a naturalist. Your opinions on blue whales will be irrevocably altered when you discover that the males produce around four gallons of sperm when they ejaculate, and that their penises can measure up to 8ft long. It certainly sounds exciting, but bear in mind that in relation to their total length, that is roughly equivalent to a human having a 10cm (just under 4 inches) member. More impressive, perhaps, is the haunting song produced by male humpbacks, which was actually picked up by the Voyager space probes. So as well as being able to communicate with each other across the globe (interfering with many human surveillance systems in the process), whales may have been transmitting to aliens long before humans made it into space.

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